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View: 1269
The Poshanu or Po Sah Inu Tower is also known as the Cham Tower. It is a group of relics of the ancient Cham temple, located on the Ba Na hill in Phu Hai ward, 7km from the center of Phan Thiet city. km to the east - north. The attraction of the Poshanu Cham tower as well as the other Cham towers is mainly due to the architectural and artistic quintessence of the ancient Cham have created unique works, mysterious, but today many things are not explained. , discover.
View: 1287
In its flourishing period, the Champa kingdom left behind many architectural works of artistic value, becoming priceless heritages today. In particular, Poshanu Cham Tower is considered the building contains many architectural essence of the ancient Cham.
View: 3710
Poshanu Tower is a group of relics of the remnants of the old Kingdom of Champa. This place attracts visitors by the unique works, the mystery of the ancient Cham has created so far many unresolved explanations, discoveries.
View: 1958
Once the land of a powerful kingdom and development of construction techniques, Binh Thuan still exists many historical sites of the Cham. Typically, Poshanu tower complex, located on Ba Na hill, in Phu Hai ward, 7 km north-east of Phan Thiet city. This work was ranked by the state as a national architectural monument in 1991.