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Brocade weaving

1. Yapu Magara KN
Introduce ideas: Like ceramics, Brocade is also a long tradition of traditional arts, famous specialties of the Cham, preserved for thousands of years to date.
In the tradition of the Cham people, before the founding of the country (192AC), Champa came into existence as a goddess of incarnation, teaching the Cham people everything to bring about a prosperous life. happy She was honored by the Cham people: the holy model Po Inu Nagar. According to the Vietnamese and Chinese call her Thien yi Ana Ngoc Phi.
Inu Nagar was instrumental in teaching her people how to practice life in agriculture such as agriculture, aquaculture, marine engineering, forestry, construction, and handicrafts. She is the father of brocade weaving (Dalah Munhim) and the pottery profession is admired by the Cham people, worshiping for her great work.
To continue to preserve and promote ethnic culture, Kim Nguyen Company has organized this textile production.
Brocade, ethnic minority people in the country also, but have not had the name of brocade each ethnic group, each place. For Kim Nguyen's weaving brocade, I have the idea of ​​a simple name as above, to remember the favor of the feminine for this traditional textile tradition.
2. KZÁ - KN
Introducing the idea: During the Katé festival there is a ceremonial procession Po Mu Gal (Po In Nagar); The hammock is made of brocade, Cham people call it Kaza (a kind of luxury sapphire made by brocade woven with fabric + brocade or silk brocade, reserved only for the noble. I have the idea of ​​the name of this hammock for brocade Kim Nguyen as: Brocade KZA_KN
3. Silkworm silkworm P.S.INU - KN
Introduce the idea: If you say the merits of Po Sha Inu, it can be said that it is the traditional connection Po In Nagar with Po Sha Inu. By the end of the Champa period, Po Sha Inu, a princess of the reigning dynasty, also expressed responsibility for the people such as Po In Nagar
After the end of her love affair with the Le dynasty, she returned to Bal Canar (La river) to gather Cham people in Campapura, teaching customs and farming ... and brocade weaving, making terracotta pottery . Her merits are on par with Po In Nagar in legend for thousands of years.
At present, Kim Nguyen Company is an enterprise with the appearance at her worship tower, with suitable construction architecture in harmony with P.Sah Inu tower style. It can be said that Kim Nguyen is referring to the temple of P.Sah Inu and vice versa.
So, I want to write her merit and on behalf of her primary name of Kim Nguyen brocade is: Broccoli (silk) P.S.INU_KN