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Poshanu Tower, love story of the princess
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Once the land of a powerful kingdom and development of construction techniques, Binh Thuan still exists many historical sites of the Cham. Typically, Poshanu tower complex, located on Ba Na hill, in Phu Hai ward, 7 km north-east of Phan Thiet city. This work was ranked by the state as a national architectural monument in 1991.
Poshanu tower complex is a group of temples built around the end of the eighth century, early ninth century in the ancient Kingdom of Champa, worshiping god Shiva- one of the gods of Hinduism worshiped and worshiped. Best in Champa culture. The tower was built in the style of Hoa Lai architecture - the most successful tower architecture of the Champa people, according to the art researchers, and attracted many tourists to visit.
The birth of the tower population is associated with the beautiful but incomplete love story of Princess Poshanu. Poshanu is a princess who has great merit in organizing the guidance of the people in Tuy Phong, Bac Binh and Ham Thuan Bac districts. Today, they are engaged in agricultural production, land clearing, paddy cultivation, Construction of irrigation works. She also set many rules in the communication, family and social progress of the court during that period.

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Princess Poshanu, overcoming many social prejudices, fell in love and married Po Sahaniemar, a Muslim in the Ma Lin region. In the happy days and together to Phu Hai (Phan Thiet) area mobilized people to build towers on the hill Bianneh (Mui Ne). Prince Siddhartha's younger brother did not want his sister to marry a pagan. On a pilgrimage to India by Po Sahaniempar under Islamic law, Podam has plotted to split the two. Po Sahaniempar returned after his pilgrimage to see his wife, meeting her promise, claiming that she betrayed, leaving her to go south, carrying a grudge. When Poshan came to say goodbye, he gave his heart to Chargo ethnic Raglây in Nui Ong - Tanh Linh. In the last months of her life she lived alone in Bianneh. The Cham later sculpted her statue and worshiped her in the tower.

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Poshanu tower complex consists of three towers: the main tower is 15 meters high, slightly to the south, two auxiliary towers slightly east to the east side of the main tower. The shrine of Shiva is represented by the stone Linga-Yôni altar preserved in the main tower.

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Tower complex is currently the destination attracting many tourists Phan Thiet from north to south. Tourists came to admire the ancient beauty has many uncharted mysteries that artisans and builders of Champa brought to eternity. They also come to witness a historical remnant of a lost kingdom still in existence today.

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