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To be consistent with the trend of new development as well as stability and orientation of sustainable development of enterprises, Kim Nguyen private enterprise is licensed by the provincial People's Committee to receive the transformation into public. Kim Nguyen Company Limited, on the basis of promoting and improving the existing professions; renovating and renovating facilities are increasingly Green - Clean - Beautiful, spacious, in harmony with the scenery, the general style of the temple tower; renovation of business methods; The modern style of dealing in buying and selling is more civilized, polite and friendly. It is one of the cultural service center of Mui Ne - Phan Thiet.

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Kim Nguyen

Ancient stone rhinestones, gems

Kim Nguyen is willing to contribute a small part in preserving and spreading Vietnamese artifacts, history and culture to all friends at home and abroad.
About the Poshanu Indigo Tower
Poshanu Cham Tower is one of the most unique Remnant Cham towers left by the Cham people. This relic is located on Ba Na hill, 7km northeast of Phan Thiet city. Poshanu Tower is also known as the Cham Tower.

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The Poshanu or Po Sah Inu Tower is also known as the Cham Tower. It is a group of relics of the ...
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In its flourishing period, the Champa kingdom left behind many architectural works of artistic ...
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Poshanu Tower is a group of relics of the remnants of the old Kingdom of Champa. This place ...
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Once the land of a powerful kingdom and development of construction techniques, Binh Thuan still ...